Application of Selec PT380 8 Channel Sequential Timer…..

Brand : Selec
Model : PT380

About Selec :
Core Expertise : Research & Development :
1.R&D centre recognized by DSIR (Government of India)
2.End to End design capability
-Hardware Design
-Embedded Application Development
-PC and Web based software development.
-Mould design of plastic part, and moulding.
3.Team of engineers dedicated to product innovation.
4.Well-equipped laboratory, with EMC test facilities.

Manufacturing :
1.Automated SMT Assembly lines.
2.Automated Test set ups.
3.Tool room for maintenance. house injection moulding facility.
5.Laser and pad printing facility.

Product Range :
Selec product range includes Electrical Meters, Protection & Time relays, Programmable Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, Temperature Controllers, Timers, Counters and Current Transformers.

Product Description :
The Selec PT380 is a 4 digit multifunction LED digital timer and a multi-time range digital timer with push buttons suitable for controlling operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. Four timing functions can be selected together with time ranges from 0.01 to 999hr and operates on different modes like Multifunction: On delay, Interval, Cyclic ON first, Cyclic OFF first with 10 years memory retention, to operate 8 channels. The output contacts can be configured as timed outputs or instantaneous output. These timers are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 85 to 270Vac/dc.

Product Features & Specifications:
8 Channels, On delay / Interval / Cyclic modes
Parallel / sequential operation, Cascade output for channel expansion
Start, Hold input, Start delay programmable
Reset input, 5 Time range, 10 years memory retention

For more details about Selec Sequential Timer 8 Channel PT380 : Click Here

Download User Manual for Selec Sequential Timer 8 Channel PT380 : Click Here


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