Applications of Multispan Over Load Protection Current Controller CC-73 in industries…

Brand  : Multispan
Model : CC-73

About Multispan :
With a modest beginning in 1986 in 1200 sq ft workshop area, “Multispan Instruments Company” was founded on the principles of providing user-friendly & “frugal” innovation based panel mounted Temperature controllers for injection moulding, extrusion units and other plastic processing machinery manufacturers in India. In period, 1990-1995 company widened its product offerings like Digital timers & counters which complimented Temperature controller in control panels.

During 1995-2000, with more than 50 products, the company R&D efforts transitioned these products to micro-controller based design from solid-state based technology. In the same period, the company setup area was totaling around 3500 sq ft area. In 2003, PID based technology was introduced in Temperature controlling behavior based on practical industrial tests carried out for various indigenously manufactured machine types suitable as per Indian industrial atmosphere. With 100+ products, Multispan products were now used across industrial machines countrywide. Factory & office was expanded to more than 10000 sq ft area.

By 2005, a varied range of temperature controller models based on PID behavior was launched suited for each Indian manufactured machine type with different price points. By 2010, with product portfolio reaching around 200 models, sensitive industrial applications were also covered with high-featured products that include Multi-channel temperature scanners, Sequence timers, Multi-parameter energy meters along with an option of computer & printer connectivity. In April 2013, a new 25000 sq ft production facility was inaugurated to satisfy the growing production targets as per market demands.

Product Range :
Process Control Instruments, Temperature Controllers -PID, Power &  Energy Meters, Programmable Timers, Programmable Counter,  Protection Devices & Relays, Thyristor DC Drive

Product Description :
Multispan Over Load Protection Current Controller CC-73  Found  various application in industries  like…
• Automation Industry, Chemical Industry, Cement Industry, Flow Metering System, Special Purpose Machine, Power Plants, Food Processing Industry, Textile Processing House, Petrochemical Industry, Paper Industry

Descriptions :
Over Load Protection Current Controller CC-73
Display : Single Display, 7 segment, 4 digit, 0.4”, RED LED display
Input : 0 to 5A AC / 0 to 10A AC (Factory Set)
CT Selection : 0 to 10A AC through Direct, CT / 0 to 5A AC through Direct CT/ CT Selection
Control Action : 1 – Relay / SSR
Relay Ratings : 1C/O, 5A, 230V AC
SSR / Buzzer : 12V DC approximately

Resolution : 0.1ºC
Accuracy : ±1% of FSD
Power Supply : 230 V AC, ±10 % 50 Hz (linear power supply)
Indication : LED for Relay Status Indication when relay is switched ON
Enclosure Material :
Plastic / DIN Rail mounting
Operating Ambient Temp :
0ºC – 55ºC
Relative Humidity
: Upto 95% RH Non Condensing
Dimension (HxWxD) mm : [ 70 X 60 X 110 ]

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