Application of Universal Temperature Controller VUTC-9601 in industries…..

Brand  : Viral Controlgears
Model : VUTC-9601

About Viral Controlgears :
VIRAL CONTROLGEARS was established by Mr. V.C.Mulchandani. He is double Graduate in Mech. & Elect. Engineering with shop floor to General Management Experience of 15 Years with an exposition to national & International Industry & trade.

Quality Control is built in manufacturing process with incoming inspection, stage inspection, finished goods inspection, Testing, Packaging & Despatch Checks. In House Manufacturing Facilities Include Modern Tool Room , Injection moulding, Compression Moulding, Press Shop, Heat Treatment Plant. Fuse Assembly line & testing Laboratory resulting into high quality products, reliability & fast Delivery Periods.

Unit’s Growth is supported by Horizontal & Vertical Expansion & Diversification Into Electrical & Electronic fields in general & Panel Board Products in Particular. Thus the average 20% growth over last year is achieved to enable it to be competitive in price & quality over its competitors.

Product Range :
Fuselinks, Fuse Holders, Plastic Legend Plates, Pushbuttons, Neutral Links, Switches, Energy Meters, Digital Timers & Counters, Digital Meters & Temperature Controllers, Scrolling Display Sign Board, Process Indicators, Pilot Lamps, Adaption Plates for Digital Meters, Other Electronic Products.

Product Description :
Universal Temperature Controller VUTC-9601 are Universal Temperature Controller Single Display with Selectable Sensors.

Application : Universal Temperature Controller VUTC-9601 Found Various applications in industries like…..
Ovens & Furnaces.
Heat Treatments Shop, Plastic Machinery.
Ceramic & Steel Industry.
Accurate measurement of Temperature & its control.

Features & Specifications :
Display : 0.39”, 0.56” 7 – Segment 4 Digit RED Display.
Sensor : J / K / R / S / PT – 100 (Factory Set)
Range : J (0 to 750 °C), K (0 to 1200 °C), R (0 to 1750 °C), S (0 to 1750 °C), PT – 100 (-99.9 to 400.0 °C)
Resolution : J, K, R & S (1 °C), PT – 100 (0.1 °C)
Accuracy : ±1% of FSD
Output : Relay Output 1 C/O, 5 A, 230 V AC
Power Supply : 230 V AC ±10%, 50 Hz OR,90 – 270 V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz, SMPS
Size : 96mm X 96mm X 55mm

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