How to use Indfos Pressure Control MP15 ?????

Brand  : indfos
Model : 060-0150

Abaout  Indfos :
SWITZER was founded in 1976 with fundamental goals as
– Highest possible quality of the product
– Increase the proficiency of the employees
– Success through excellent management and policies

Commenced with the manufacture of a limited range of Pressure Switches, their activities expanded to cover wider range of Pressure Switches and other Process Control Instruments such as Draft Indicators, Flow Switches, Differential Pressure Indicators, Primary flow elements. Every product earned excellent customer recognition for product quality and reliability.

Mission :
Strive to grow relentlessly, to serve all business segments in India and outside of it through constant strengthening of commitment towards the core values of honesty, quality, integrity and applying it towards enterprise, innovation and expansion. Aligning the greatest asset, the employee strength towards this mission and to motivate the entire family of Switzer including employees, partners and customers towards the growth by promoting organizational culture rich with these values.

Product Description :
Type MP thermostats are used to control temperature in refrigerated spaces. These thermostats use simple and sturdy operating mechanism and are enclosed in a dust proof mild steel casing. The cut out and cut in temperatures can be set independently and the device has clearly read setting scale.
Type  MP  is  a  single  pole  double  throw  (SPDT)  pressurecontrol for refrigeration compressors, using R12, R22, R40 &R717 refrigerants.
Construction is simple and sturdy, and the device is enclosed in a dust proof mildsteel casting.  All parts are rust proof and designed for long life.  Starting and stopping pressures can be set independently, and the device has a clearly readable pressure range scale.

Features :
Sturdy mechanism
Auto or manual reset
Design for use in refrigeration systems.
Enclosure : Mild Steel (ZInc plated Chrome passivated)

Specifications :
Connection Type : 1/4″ Flare
Maximum Pressure : 16 atmg for L.P. side / 32 atmg for H.P. side
Refrigerent :
R12, R22, R40
Sensing Element : Phosphor Bronze Bellows
Capillary Type & Length : Tin plated copper
Switch Type : 1 SPDT
Switch Rating : 10A resistive / 6A inductive 380VAC, 0.2A inductive 250VDC

Applications : 
Indfos Pressure Control MP15  find application in : – Commercial Refrigeration System – Air Conditioning Plants.

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