Application of Cameo Voltage Protection Relay VPD (100 to 500V) ….

Brand : Cameo
Model : VPD

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About Company :
Excel Electronics is a Leading Company Engaged in Manufacturing Electronics Products such as Micro Computer Motor Protection Devices (With LCD Display / LED Display / Without Display), Cyclic Load Energy Saver, Energy Saving Soft-Starter, APFC Panel, etc.

Product Range :
Micro Computer Motor Protection Device
Thyristorised Power Factor Panel
Energy Saving Soft Starter
Cyclic Load Energy Saver
No Load Power Saver For High Freq. Converter For Grinder
No Load Power Saver For Welding Set
Auto Mains Failure Relay With Engine Protection
Earth Leakage Relay / Earth Fault Relay
Neutral to Earth Voltage Relay
Thyristor based Phase/Heater Controller
PID Temperature Controller

Features :
Digital voltage with auto scanner for three phase line to line voltage
Software calibration for voltage
Earth leakage current scanner*
Man-Machine Interface through keypad & Display
Annunciation indicates the type of fault

Protection :
High Voltage, Low Voltage with trip time settable, Earth Fault*, Single Phasing, Unbalanced, Phase Reversal*

Specifications :
Display : LED Seven Segment, 4 Digit
Voltage Range : 100 to 500V AC
Panel mountable : 96(W) X 96(H) X 65(D)
Input Voltage : 230V AC

Applications : Compressors, Crushers, Ring Frames, Centrifuges, Agitators & Conveyors, Presses, Injections Moulding Machines, Cooling Towers, Shearing Machines, Pug Mills, Cutting Machines, Cooling Towers, Reactors, Simplex Machines, Blowers & Water Pumps, Extractor, M.G. Welding Sets etc.

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