Hydint Moisture Separator Combo-02

About HYDINT : M\S Airmax Pneumatic Ltd is the parent company of HYDINT. Which is established in 1992. It manufactures Pneumatic operated Valves like Solenoid Valves, Manual Valve,Filtration, Accessories etc. Company period of time, a separate brand “HYDINT” was floated especially to cater filtration system which includes Moisture Separators, Auto Drain Valves, Oil Removal Filters… Continue reading Hydint Moisture Separator Combo-02

Application of ABM Temperature Controller TC-96 ….

Brand : ABM Instrument Model : TC-96 About Temperature Controller : For accurate control of the process temperature without constant operator involvement all industrial thermal process relay upon a controller. The controller gets is inputs from contact temperature sensors like thermocouple, RTD or from a non-contact temperature sensor like an infrared temperature sensor. The controller… Continue reading Application of ABM Temperature Controller TC-96 ….

Application of Airmex Solenoid Valve …..

About Airmax  : Airmax Pneumatic Products since 1992. They are the Leading Manufactures in India who Manufacture Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Valves and Roto Seal Coupling  in Various sizes with Various Features. Also Manufacturer FRL Unit as per Client Requirement and Drawing. With a view of enhancing Their customers’ preference of having a ‘ONE STOP SHOP’,… Continue reading Application of Airmex Solenoid Valve …..

Aira Single & Double Acting Actuator

About Aira : “aira Euro Automation Pvt.ltd.“accredited with ISO 9001, kind BVQI – LONDON,the Indian valve manufacturer over twenty years’ expertise supplying the world trade of all quite industrial machine-controlled valves of “aira Euro Automation Pvt.ltd.“ build within the little sector. Aira Manufacture Quality Valves of virtually all kinds for a large spectrum of users… Continue reading Aira Single & Double Acting Actuator

Application of Unitech Energy Meters

About Unitech  : Unitech Engineers is a renowned and a leading manufacturer of Electrical measuring instruments and power system equipment. Unitech caters a wide range of equipment in the field of measurement. Established in 1984, Unitech is now a leading manufacturer and supplier of digital metering systems in India. It has always new benchmarks in… Continue reading Application of Unitech Energy Meters

Application of Selec Energy Meters ……

About Selec  : Core Expertise : Research & Development : 1.R&D center recognized by DSIR (Government of India) 2.End to End design capability -Hardware Design -Embedded Application Development -PC and Web based software development. -Mould desing of plastic part, and moulding. 3.Team of engineers dedicated to product innovation. 4.Well-equipped laboratory, with EMC test facilities. Manufacturing… Continue reading Application of Selec Energy Meters ……